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How one can choose a Coach?

Some pieces of advice from Sergii Gorbachevskyi

A personal fitness coach is a mentor.

If you want to achieve some results and be in a great shape through the whole life, constantly monitor your health and keep an eye not only on your physical state but also on your diet, then you can’t do that without a personal coach. You need one like a breath of fresh air!

A personal coach is not only a strong guy or a fit girl, but a comprehensively developed person. They must study to the smallest details all the aspects of physiology, anatomy, medicine, psychology, human nutrition, not to mention good skills and knowledge in constructing the correct training process.

A personal coach must find out your goal at the first meeting with you, set questions about your health, determine your fitness level, meet with your daily schedule, know when you wake up and go to bed, ask about your diet and what time you usually eat at. If it is necessary, a coach must go with you to the store and buy all the necessary products. Your personal fitness coach is required to schedule a nutrition program for you and regularly monitor it.

A personal coach can not be a Friend! One is a MENTOR!

It is a huge mistake of many coaches, as well as their clients, to assert that a personal coach is a FRIEND. A coach can never be a friend to you and if they are, you will have zero results then.
A coach is a TEACHER, and you are their student. How can one be friends with a teacher? And what knowledge will you have in the end?
Every day and every minute you must demand the result and great control from your coach! And only in this case together you will achieve a great result!

Why “IntensFit”?
My rich experience and great achievements in the personal fitness programs development, as well as the results of my clients are pretty self-explanatory.
I studied in the USA and realized that Fitness is not just a system of exercises, but it is a whole science, with its own philosophy and results are in numbers.

I know everything about my client: when they wake up, when they go to bed, what they eat, their health conditions. And we discuss this information at every training in order to achieve maximum results. Even if a client, who previously worked with me or with any other coach in my club half a year or a year ago, comes to me now I will be able to know everything about them for sure, up to the point what they ate at a certain time six months ago. All this information is safely stored and strictly tracked.
A coach should not only work with you for an hour and a half in the gym, but they should be present for the whole day online, make reminders and control your nutrition, one should LIVE YOUR RESULT - this is a real PERSONAL COACH.
I keep records daily and weekly on the regular basis, record the results of each workout.

A personal coach is the following:

  • Each workout should be recorded.
  • Everyday should be tracked.
  • The results should be saved, data on the nutrition and health conditions.

It is important! If a coach does not follow at least one of the above mentioned points, please leave such a coach!

The main task of a coach is to find the right approach, build trusting relationships with you and lead you to the desired level.
If you are ready to get a RESULT, welcome to "IntensFit"

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