Safe weight loss Program
Online IntensFit

Sergii Gorbachevskyi
Founder «IntensFit»
The program consists of:
  • Individual training program is created in accordance to your goal and physical abilities
  • Video clips (Training at the gym or at home)
  • Personal coach online
  • Nutrition program is individually created
  • Every day results control
more than 10000 person
have already received 100% their result

IntensFit application

New philosophy of fitness
Thousand of people have acceded effectiveness of the program and achieved their goals
  • · Minimum efforts
  • · As quickly as possible
  • · Safe result

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Our team

Sergii Gorbachevskyi
Founder of fitness club
“Your Coach”, founder of IntensFit online
Vladyslav Maznov
Head of
IntensFit online
Mariia Katsimon
Doctor of physical
IntensFit online
Igor Shvedin
Chief Operating Officer


Konstantyn Mukhomodieiev
Karina Lenyvenko
Tetiana Khutorna
Svitlana Romaniuk
Yuliia German
Yana Vakoliuk
Iryna Stancheva
Anastasiia Ovsiannikova
Samoylenko Alexandra

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For Ukrainian citizens 1 900 hrn
For other countries citizens $150